Each collection begins with a glimmer of an idea, nudging its way into our conscious minds and demanding attention. It can be a tiny, fragmented memory of a film, piece of music or favorite painting, waiting to be reimagined and bought to life. Sometimes it's a whole bundle of thoughts layered one on top of the other. These are the inspirations behind our current collections:

MARDI GRAS is inspired by the work of many 20th Century Cubist painters who liked to combine figurative images with musical instruments. I imagined a Mardi Gras celebration where dancers filled the streets, bands jammed on corners, and everyone was jazzed up with good music and good times.(Michael)


KATMAN is inspired by a love of Jacques Tati films and of Lotte Reiniger's silhouette animation. Both incorporate chance meetings, unexpected outcomes and magical stories. The Katman series comes together when two sets of characters converge: a tall, solitary young man, totally absorbed in his writing, unaware life is passing him by and two scrappy black cats barely surviving on the streets of Brooklyn. When their paths cross, the cats cause chaos and our Katman's quiet existence is changed forever.(Alexandra)


IKEBANA is inspired by the graceful art of Japanese floral decoration. It focuses on delicate forms of nature placing particular emphasis on shape, line and form in order to create a tranquil space for the mind, body and soul. (Michael)


CIRCLELINE is inspired by an interest in early 20th Century art and graphics and the use of negative space. I wanted to create a collection of pieces that reflect the past but still seem thoroughly modern. Introducing strong color was an opportunity to give each piece a vibrant energy. (Michael)