Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is the best way to clean my table?

A: Carefully wipe surfaces using a soft damp cloth. Do not use wax or other furniture or household cleaning products.

Q: Will placing my cabinet in direct sunlight affect its color?

A: Try to avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight for extended periods as surfaces will fade over time.

Q: Can I place my table next to a radiator or in a bathroom?

A: We advise placing furniture away from any nearby heat source as too much heat will likely cause damage. Bathrooms and other areas which are subject to moisture and condensation should be avoided to protect the quality of the veneer. 

Q: What happens if I put hot or cold drinks directly onto veneer surfaces?

A: All our table tops are finished with many layers of varnish however spilled liquids or condensation will damage the finish over time. We recommend the use of coasters to protect the surface.

Q: How long after I place my order can I expect to receive my table?

A: All items are made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks from the time you place your order for Shorty, Slim Jim, Squared Away, and Sideline items.  Allow 6-8 weeks for Strait and Narrow, and Stand and Deliver. We will advise you of the shipping date before we ship.


Common-sense thoughts: Do not stand or sit on furniture not designed for that purpose.