How the Bowler Hat made an Idea Spring to Life

What is it about a bowler hat that is so intuitively entertaining? Just the thought of an unforgiving black dome perched on the head of a well-dressed man is guaranteed to make us smile as it conjures up images of Monty Python's famous "Ministry of Silly Walks."

A few months ago, the bowler hats now featured in our Katman series started to crop up on a page of sketches I was doing, while trying to catch an idea which kept eluding me: a story floating around my head involving two cats and a chance encounter with a tall thin man, who appeared at times as Jacques Tati's innocent, lovable character in the classic film "Mon Oncle" and other times as a rather bewildered British man. I drew three bowler hats tossing and turning in my imaginary stormy day and suddenly it all came together! The cats caused havoc as our bowler hatted gent tried and failed to gain the upper hand and the cats plotted an adventure to escape and.......but, wait, that's a whole other story.