Mirror, mirror on the Wall

As long as we have been designing, we have adhered to the idea that “less is more”.  Indeed for those of you who know Michael, there will be much nodding of heads in agreement that he lives and breathes this philosophy, being a man of a few well-chosen words.  Hence I write this blog and the Miller man tosses in a few words here and there for me to catch and make into magic!  However, his spare style of communication belies a discerning eye, a wicked sense of humor, and a design aesthetic that reflects both these traits.

Adding a mirror to our range seemed like a fun project.  Inspired by his minimal tendencies and a long-term appreciation for the simple, graceful proportions of ikebana, the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging (wildly used as inspiration by many florists today), our Miller man has set to the task with relish and a bunch of challenges.  Ikebana arrangements are known for their form, line and use of negative space, creating a perfect balance of delicate harmony.  It is relatively easy to draw or paint a sweeping curve of imagined grasses, less so to create with inlay, wood, and tools.

1) Michael’s preliminary sketch;  2) lining up the router to cut a narrow, shallow groove into the surface of the veneer; 3/4) the inlay is glued into place; 5) the inlay is trimmed and made flush with the surface; 6) a section of the first prototype frame.

A challenge to make beautiful curves? Definitely. Worth the effort? Yes.