Saying More With Less

"Some Day We'll Linger in the Sun" is the beautiful song  Gaelynn Lea wrote to her husband, Paul. Every word and haunting violin note is on the money, revealing the absolute, raw, truthful essence of the artist. Take a listen and see if you are not moved by it’s purity and honesty.

An artist's challenge is to stay honest, to pare down the indulgence of our imagination and find this uncompromising vital energy -- the essence.

In an ongoing search to dig deeper and say more with less, the Miller man set out to design a minimal, low table, unencumbered with excessive pattern. Cutting slim shapes of dyed veneer into neutral maple created the foundation. Adding colored circles provided a focal point, and balancing curved and straight lines of inlay, supplied a delicate contrast. 

Each table can be flat packed for ease of shipping with a choice of either patterned or plain colored legs. Simple assembly is required with four bolts and an allen key.

Meet our three designs for Sparely There Coffee Table:   Boing;   A Fine Line;   All About the Curve: