The Name Game

What makes a name compelling and relevant? We are often asked why our furniture styles are tagged Shorty, Slim Jim, and Squared Away and our initial answer is the names reflect their size and shape. However, the truth lies more in the characters they revealed while transitioning from sketch to final product.

We formed a genuine affection for our first design, short in stature but tough in stance, and named this small, square table "Shorty" to reflect its personality -- part underdog, part rascal. The name evoked the memory of the country boy in the song "Cut Across Shorty Cut Across", a track from Rod Stewart's Gasoline Alley album, released in 1970, and sung in Rod's early raw and raspy style. Though small in stature, our scrappy, country lad won the heart of Miss Lucy, racing against the longer-legged Dan who had all the money and better looks. As the song says, "Shorty musta had that something boys, that can't be found in books."

Meet a few of our Shorty tables, nothing fancy, just scads of character determined to win your heart.